Oct 16

Is GamerGate the Devil We Know, or the One We Assume? -

A piece I wrote on #GamerGate for NeverDaunted.net.

Oct 08

Extra Life 2014 Giveaway!


Hi everyone,

I will be participating in a video game marathon on October 25 for the annual Extra Life fundraiser benefiting Children’s Miracle Network and, more specifically, St. Louis Children’s Hospital. To help me hit my goal I’m holding a giveaway/raffle.

For every dollar you donate on the website, you get an entry to win a signed copy of Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed II, signed by voice actor Phil Proctor, who voiced Dr. Warren Vidic in the game series.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps a great cause. If you donate online through the link below, your donation is tax deductible! So please help me help a great organization and get to my goal of $1000!

And for those of you who have already donated, don’t worry, you still get your entries. :-)

Click the link below for my profile and donate! And please share this post! Contest ends Oct. 26.


Sep 30

Beard got a little too crazy. Had to rein it in a bit.

Beard got a little too crazy. Had to rein it in a bit.

Greatest little cathouse ever


via The Bloggess:


Almost makes me want to get a cat. Almost.


Sep 27

Coke reaps rewards after putting names on cans and bottles - Telegraph -

It’s amazing what a little vanity can do.

Who dat? Who dat?

Who dat? Who dat?



(Source: screenshotsofdespair, via robdelaney)


Destiny has consumed me. Send help.


Sep 23



Sep 21

Yup. It’s Sunday.

Yup. It’s Sunday.

Interview with Dr. Travis Langley - 5/16/14 -

Fun Fact

Jagerbomb Vapor and pumpkin spice coffee goes better together than you probably think.

Sep 20


Just finished watching the demo for PT/Silent Hills.

Holy crap. I need a new pair of pants.